Earth Day DIY Crafts

We’ve all received those big cardboard envelopes in the mail before. If you’re anything like us, you probably take a quick look at the label, take out the contents and throw the packaging straight into the recycle bin. Here’s another idea. April 22 is Earth Day and we’ve decided to create some special DIY crafts […]

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Indoor Activities for Kids

Ideas For Indoor Fun + Activities For All Ages

Is anyone else feeling a little bit of cabin fever setting in? It’s been quite the year of togetherness and with winter lingering, there’s still more indoor time on the horizon. With ample time to hunker down and play, it’s helpful to have a few activities up your sleeve for easy entertainment. (And here are […]

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7 Easy-Peasy Holiday Crafts (We Promise!)

‘Tis the season for snuggling up and spending time together—watching movies, reading holiday books, busting out the board games, and crafts! All the crafting right now with kids home for holiday break and underfoot (or maybe they already are for homeschool or virtual learning, and in that case, a round of applause to you super […]

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