Capsule Collection No. 1


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Discover a new adventure on every page with Capsule Collection No. 1, featuring Issues 1–6 of Honest History. Beautifully bundled in a handcrafted box, the collection is created to look as good on your shelf as in your young historians’ hands—keep the adventure going again, and again, and again.

In this collection…

Issue One: The Swan King
Issue Two: A Pirate’s Tale
Issue Three: War of the Currents
Issue Four: Story of an Empire
Issue Five: The Race to Space
Issue Six: A Secret Mission

Add to your collection with the first six issues that started the Adventure Mag for Young Historians. Every issue is carefully written, illustrated, and designed to spark adventure and learning with well-researched stories from history told in a way that makes history… fun. Bonus fun: can you figure out what the code on the bottom of the box is for?

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