History Is Delicious: A Book by Honest History

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A delicious children’s book uncovering the history of cuisine and culture from around the globe. From South America to Asia and everywhere in between, History Is Delicious explores the history of different dishes, cultural traditions, and even a few great recipes. What does Ethiopian cuisine look and taste like? What different types of noodles exist throughout the world? Find out for yourself with each beautifully-illustrated page that will take young historians on new adventures as they learn about the importance of food and how it’s shaped history. Discover the role cuisine plays in the fabric of unique cultures from and enjoy some great tasting food along the way. Bon Appétit!

About the Author: 

Joshua Lurie is a renowned food journalist living in Los Angeles where he founded Food GPS in 2005 and continues to showcase the best food and drink, regardless of price or cuisine, while sharing stories of people behind the flavor. Growing up in suburban New Jersey, Josh discovered his love for great food and culture while taking family trips into Manhattan. He graduated from Vanderbilt University and spent seven years working in television before launching Food GPS to fully pursue his passion for food and culture. Josh has contributed articles to numerous publications, among them The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Hollywood Reporter, Food Republic, Eater LA, and dineL.A.


Hardcover with jacket

84 beautifully-illustrated pages

Ages 8–14

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