Issue Five | The Race to Space


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We’re heading to space in Issue Five. Discover the incredible tale of the space race of the 1960s between the United States and the Soviet Union. Each country wanted to be first to the moon. As we know, the USA won the race, but it was ultimately a victory for the entire world. Learn more about this amazing adventure and how it led to the creation of other items we still use today in our everyday lives. This issue is filled with stories, an interview with a NASA astronaut, illustrations, experiments, activities and so much more.

In this issue

Firsts in Space

Feature Story: Get ‘Em to the Moon

You are Loud and Clear: Mission Control

A Day in Space (on the ISS)

Interview with an Astronaut (featuring NASA Astronaut Terry Virts)

Out of this World: Hubble Space Telescope

The Rocket Man: Dr. Wernher von Braun

Build-your-own Astronaut Observation Box

Timeline of the Space Race

Inventions from Space

More fun activities


48 full-color pages filled with stories, illustrations and DIY activities

Velvet-touch cover and perfect-bind finish

All print issues include an accompanying interactive, digital edition on the Honest History app. 

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