Issue Four | Summer 2019 | Story of an Empire


In Issue Four, discover the ancient Roman Empire during its 200 years of peace called the Pax Romana. Explore how ancient Romans lived and worked, including the inventions they created that we still use today. From gladiators to emperors to the working class, Roman history is overflowing with tales of adventure brought to life in this issue.  Filled from cover to cover with exciting things to learn for your young historians, this issue is packed with fun activities, including Roman measurement systems, inventions and timelines.

In this issue:

Welcome to Ancient Rome

A Coin Unlike Any Other

Feature Story: The Great Warriors of Rome

Daily Life in Ancient Rome

The First Roman Emperors

Ancient Roman Inventions

Structures of Ancient Rome

Map of Roman Empire

A Timeline of Roman Events

Fun DIY activities and crafts, including creating your own water clock!

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