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Take a journey through the history of the postal system in Issue Twelve, Special Delivery. From the thrilling story of the Inverted Jenny stamp to the history of air mail—and from stamp collecting to the story of Owney, the post office pooch, every page is filled with a new adventure through the incredible system that allows us to send and receive mail.

Did you know children used to be sent through the mail? How about the story behind the creation of the postal uniform? Learn about all of this and more in Issue Twelve. As always, every story is brought to life with beautiful illustrations and fun activities, like designing your own mailbox.

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In this issue

Perfectly Imperfect: The Inverted Jenny

Post Office FAQs

Postal Workers Who Made an Impact

A Postal Service History

Special Delivery

The History of Air Mail

Stamp Collecting 101

The Mail Car Evolution

Postal Service Blues: A Uniform History

Interview with a Postal Worker

Working Like a Dog

Delivery Time(line)

Post Office Lingo

The Life of a Letter


64 full-color pages filled with stories, illustrations and DIY activities

Velvet-touch cover and perfect-bind finish

All print orders include instant-access to the interactive, digital edition on the Honest History app. 

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