Issue Two | Winter 2018 | A Pirate’s Tale


Our second issue explores the life of notorious pirate, Cheng I Sao in the early 19th-century. Perhaps lesser known than some of her peers, Cheng I Sao’s impact on history was tremendous. She commanded almost 40,000 pirates and 300 junk ships – the largest crew of pirates in the history of the world. Learn all about her life and the life of this incredible pirate army.

In this issue: 

Welcome to China + Fun Facts About China

Feature Story: A Pirate’s Tale

Blueprint of a Junk Ship

Why Did People Become Pirates?

Map of China

The Forbidden City

A Timeline of Important World Events

A Pirate’s Life for Me?

Fun Activities and DIY Crafts, including a crossword puzzle, make-your-own dragon, coloring page, and more

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