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Get four issues of Honest History per year (every 3 months) delivered straight to your doorstep and never miss an issue again. Go on an adventure through time as we explore stories of people and events throughout history. Each issue is carefully researched and crafted—we handpick illustrators and designers to help us tell each story, delivering a collectible issue each quarter.

Created for kids 6–12, join us as we explore fascinating tales, from pirates to ancient Rome to ocean explorers, and so much more. In each issue you’ll find fun, DIY crafts and activities to bring these stories to life. Also, makes the perfect gift for the young historians in your life.

Still reading? Subscriptions include FREE shipping and an accompanying digital edition on the Honest History app!

Check out what some of our readers are saying:

Received my editions of Honest History this week. What an immersive, inclusive, and interactive way for kids to learn history! The artists who create this masterpiece every quarter are serving a craft lesson in voice, design, and audience. – Kristine C.

So happy to add these amazing magazines to our collection of learning. Not only are they beauties, , but they have a great variety of facts, fun, and questions. I knew they were going to be good, but they exceeded my expectation. – Monica

I got a subscription for my 6 and 9 year old niece and nephew and they LOVE IT! It’s a fun and educational resource that comes in the mail just for them. Definitely made me the favorite aunt! – Chelsea B.

Subscription begins with Issue Fifteen, shipping in February 2022. Automatically renews yearly. Cancel anytime.

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